What We Do

We believe that protecting the global community against cyber threats is the responsibility of those who are called to take action, with integrity and keep people safe. Our products and services are designed to investigate and protect you and your business from threat, crime and disaster.


LIVE, real-time monitoring & protection equipment & services, Preventative security, Incident remediation (FBI, HSI, Police, etc.)


Assistance with meeting Federal, State or Privacy requirements, CMMC, SOC2, GDPR, ISO 27001, NIST SP 800-171

IT Management

Support IT dept or staff, bring security expertise to organization, maintenance tasks (patching, backups, connection monitoring, etc.)

Why Choose Us?

We pride ourselves in working with clients and companies that value growth, clear communication, integrity and respect and gratitude for those they choose to collaborate with.

Our pride is our simplicity

We seek to work with those that share our growth mindset.

If you feel that your organization is a fit, please contact us.


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